Taking the time off

Sometimes, all we need is to take time off. Due to pandemic we are stuck somehow somewhere. Agreed that earlier also we did have time but honestly due to work from home or online studies or any other reason how much time we get.

Isn’t it blissful to just sit quiet in one place and take a sip of coffee? Or listen to all time favorite tracks which we haven’t heard in some time? Or complete chores while listening to music. One place where relaxation is key so that we get back to our lives stronger and better than what we were. At times, it so happens that we crack our heads at something, but post returning from our time off we get the solution on how to do the same thing at which we were struggling just a few minutes ago.

We all deserve a time off and it is a big thing should we get one. I am dead serious and coming to think about it, we give time to others and help them but then what about ourselves.

Let try this weekend, to give ourselves also some time off.

There’s work to do

Often, I am compelled to do work. Boring, tedious and tiresome work! This must be done by this time or that date is always a deadline to finish a given assignment. Work and work and work. There comes the boss and puts more of it on you as if building your own grave into it.

But then comes the magic of music that brightens your day and makes you feel light. Its all because of this beautiful music that one gets motivation to not just complete the work at hand but also to do like a pro.

My music

To speak of the music I listen to, is a bit personal. It’s because it not just shows you a piece of me but I am a bit shy to show you the kind of music I love

Very often, I am not a person who listens to trending hits or songs which are famous. the reason being I may like the tune but often the lyrics or the video disappoints me. So what I do is search for some music which I like and then keep repeating that till I know the lyrics by heart.

This repetition happens mostly when I like a song and want to visualize it my way. So I will listen very carefully. This even goes to the extent where I memorize at what minute does the beat drop or which phrase I like.

I also like old songs some very old like 1960’s or so and then come 1990’s. My favorite era is the 1990’s which compared to other years or decades, had much better songs. Few of them are my favorite and I don’t get bored listening to them over and over again. It gives me a sense of peace and makes me calm.


When you open any music app, the first thing that eyes search for is playlist. Often our illuminating mind is set for a certain song but for many, if the mind is empty, then to refresh your musical memory, a playlist comes to the rescue.

In this modern word of personal space, playlist is something like a purse. Private and restricted for your eyes only. No person can joke around with something like that. A ordinary playlist is fun and interesting to someone and he/ she does not like anyone messing with it. You may not understand why the playlist is but the person who is belongs to does know it.

Playlists are of different types and signify a distinct personality of who you truly are. What you can never speak the lyrics of a songs, can.


We spend majority of our city lives in traffic. In recent times, we have become so accustomed to it that if we get an empty road to drive/ ride on, we feel as though we are missing something and then we remember: “Ah, yes of course this time yesterday or some time earlier today I was stuck in traffic and I was over there. I was behind this vehicle and I saw a handsome guy on this bike or a beautiful girl in this car. I made funny faces to a baby and the baby ended up crying”.

Traffic helps in building a community. How? Like seriously you don’t know the answer to that. Well! then you must be driving a car. Just put on some music or play some movie, adjust your recliner and pull up the window glass and there you go – your personal movable bedroom is done. Just that you don’t have sheets. For bikes, it’s different. It’s like even though you have headphones shoved in your ear while playing your favorite playlist on the highest possible volume to drown out the horns, you cannot get the comfort a car can give you. Trust me, for people driving buses and trucks the comfort zone is a whole different level.

In India, traffic is necessary. Well, here are a few reasons. One, for people like me it’s a good way of looking out for the upcoming up potholes, which could be one day and gone the next; mostly potholes that were not there yesterday but are now part of the roadie life which I have to avoid (FYI at times it’s difficult to memorize the exact location of the potholes. AT TIMES!). Two, traffic teaches you the importance of time. If you hadn’t wasted time at home, you would have left 5 minutes early and would have easily reached office by now. Third, it teaches you a different level of patience that even the meditation cannot. Next, you are shown different kind of idiots (most of which you can type a blog on). Next, you are taught road rules like you are riding or driving for the first time.

Traffic can be slow moving or stationary, the latter being the worst. Personally, if I had time on my hands, I always pray for stationary kind of traffic intentionally. This prayer I make when I don’t want my co-rider to reach his/her destination. It’s more like taking revenge. The best is that you don’t hate the traffic at that moment, for you have an entertaining audio being played with a unique vocabulary. Honestly sometimes I wish I had popcorn for it’s good to see others stressed out more than you. It’s gives you a different kind of peace. Slow traffic is good until the time when you reach the signal and all of a sudden Karma is like wait for it; bang! red light. Full stop.

Now a days since we are talking about the environment and the issues, even I would like to do my part by putting in a few good words. In traffic when the signal has just become red and you know that it may take 60 seconds or so for the light to change color so switch off your engines, thus saving fuel cost affecting your pockets and saving the environment with less carbon emissions. Another would be for those who travel the same route frequently, to contribute to saving the environment how about using the public transport as often as possible. Best is the fact that avoiding or using your God given and rarely exercised legs for travelling a short distance, which will make you more healthy. (May loose a bit weight too).

In traffic often I see people honking like crazy, how about stopping that. Think like this “I don’t have to stay here forever so then why honk?”. Contribute to getting a solution to the problem instead of using your fingers on the small button. It’s not like we are demonstrating the sound of battle. Then there is screaming. Why demonstrate how monotonous and jarring your voice is? Best is confusion, which comes when too many people talk but no one is listening like the share market office. I honestly don’t know how people can even understand anything and yet get the work done. Best is the fact that people earn money in that ruckus. How? Wait don’t answer that it was a rhetorical question. I personally prefer the fish or the vegetable market (at least there’s something to eat).

She is scared!!

Yep that’s me when I see a spider, cockroaches and other bugs. Obviously I scream but looking at me jump is very often wished by my friends because it’s not just hilarious but also entertaining. It’s more like live free comedy show. Not sure about the creature because it’s mostly confused and is trying to understand what’s happened but me an adult and fully aware, yet is acting more like a cry baby.

It’s but natural to get scared of a spider. Let me tell you what I see – I see a creature which is having 8 legs, walks like a freak, had the capability to jump, loves to play hide and seek, faster than the cheetah either when it comes to running or jumping, spins webs which is sticky, has weird face, can go invisible like Cheshire Cat and loves to pay visits like unwanted guests. I mean I seriously have pity for the residents of Australia (if you know what I mean). They live their lives around these things and often play peek-aboo with spiders.

Spiders come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. What’s even more interesting is the fact that they will approach you and look at you in the face. I often wonder what do they think about us. Sometimes I really wonder what if spiders ever got the ability to speak I would love to ask them questions like who do think you are to play hide and seek with us? Why don’t you leave our house forever? (saying this because I heard that they prefer staying in places that are clean. I mean like seriously well then I have a message: CLEAN YOUR MESS!!)

Then comes the roaches. Yuck!!!!! Hate them. When I see them, I become Hulk. Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! These are not so interesting as the spider to me but yes they too are like unwanted guests in a party. Best part is no matter how many times you ignore them they will surely walk up to you to say hi. Worst is the big roaches – reason being they fly and sit right next to you. Why? I mean why? Why fly? Why threaten to fly? Hate the threats. Only available in dark colors they can go anywhere and have the capability to even squeeze their bodies and travel through tiny holes. What’s more is the fact that sometimes I feel like their Loki’s cousins. Always brewing trouble. Hate roaches.

My relationship with spiders, roaches and other bugs is that of a solider and the terrorists. As a solider for my beautiful, clean and tidy home, I have sworn to protect it against all evil, dark, cunning, visible / invisible, jumping bugs at all times. Yes, but if God could make them talk I would love to know what life they live and why are they temporary mostly permanent residents of my house.

Questions and music

Music is a statement of vocal and beautiful artists. Music is so much more than just lyrics. It’s the beats, rhythm, voice and lyrics that grace the talented artists brainchild. My mind often wonders about how is music made.

Ordinary people think: “For an artist, music just comes from within. It’s something they don’t have to work hard on. I mean they have to only scrap up some words together, get some rhythm and make a funky beat – viola done. Music is created.” But no. That’s not how it works. First come the questions and then the answers.

For a lyricist, questions like what should my song be about? which sentence should be next? what words should I use? does my song showcase what I am trying to convey? is this the song I wanted to write or should I re-write it? are these lyrics good enough? trouble his/ her mind. For a pianist or Flutist or guitarist questions like which note should be in this sentence? did I play it right? is this song too long / short? should I mix up the beats? will this tune sound better? which audience am I playing for? trouble his/ her mind.

Questions that flood the mind of a performer are answered just as quickly as they come. Main ingredients are focus and music to help get your mind straight. It’s very easy to say that but in reality lots of hard work, effort to organize the song and many hours of practice goes into making one song or writing one poem. As an audience, we question a bad song but what we don’t realize is that not everything has to make complete sense. The song may be for a special purpose or a special person.

In this trending world where every artist wants to make a mark in history, how about some meaningful and helpful questions are asked. Like, in your next song can you use some more words, or can you in your next poem write about your view point on a certain topic, for your next album how about you write something about the beauty of our planet. It’s easy to criticize but difficult to encourage good works. There are till date a few artists who actually do what they love and instead of attracting an audience and gaining more popularity they aim at showing the world their talents. They produce music not for others to review but to give their opinion about a certain topic. They create music because they love it.

Just like me, I type blogs because I love to write in general and I have started blogging not for others but for me.

Being True 🤔

It’s something that happens rarely now a days but no matter what – it’s important. Being true is something we want others to be with us, when we ourselves are not with them. Funny isn’t it? It’s a crazy thing because when we act false, all believe us but when we are true we are criticized and questioned.

In the world of music, we prefer the lyrics of a song because they convey the truth of our heart. The lyrics are so appropriate that they are exactly the same feeling which we are going through but most often, the situation is such that we cannot speak of it to anyone with the fear that it may hurt someone’s feelings.

Being true either to ourselves or to our loved ones is something we should do but then we are kept names and we are told not to tell the truth. So the solution is telling the truth indirectly and conveying it in a manner where the truth is covered with facts and evidence just to protect ourselves. What’s the point to this? What I don’t get, is the faith part. Why do people have faith crises when the truth is presented? Why is negativity in the air when truth is told?

Whatever the situation is and no matter what, my personal opinion is that one must be true to oneself. Then and only then can one to be true to others. This helps in gaining trust with loved ones, spreading love within the family and gaining respect which is important.


Something we start immediately after we learn to walk. We work till our last breath. For some, work is a dreaded thing, for some it’s a means to earn money, for some it’s fun and they love it, for some it’s more like a job which is neither boring not fun and for some it’s just like a chance to prove oneself.

Since I’m moody and have many swings throughout the day, my definition and way of working differs each moment. Right now there is not much work, so I am happy and sometimes there is so much work I can’t even take a break. To be honest I wish for the first scenario to come true always but then honestly how will I progress.

Bored of music

That’s something that rarely happens but when it does, (at times) I feel hurt (It’s music of course I feel hurt) and at times I my mind says “Forget it I just don’t want to listen to music”.

Being bored is pretty usual now a days. It all depends on what you are doing at the moment. Most of the time, one wants to just chill and do nothing. Wow! Now that’s something everyone aims for but happens very rarely. It’s such a good thought and feels amazing. Just imagine: being all by yourself, doing nothing but chilling or doing whatever it is without thinking. For most of the people in the 21st century that’s like an unbelievable goal since it’s constant rush hour. At when you do find time, even your mind doesn’t let you sit quiet.

So what do I do when I am bored of music? Well, I write. I write in my journal or the best is sleep or my new found blog helps my mind be occupied with topics for my next blog.

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